Kanye West To Release Another New Album in 2009

Kanye West To Release Another New Album in 2009
Just when we thought a week of not reporting on Kanye West was an actual possibility, the over-confident rapper/producer just revealed that he has another album in the works that will be released next year.

At a listening party for his new album, 808s & Heartbreak (due November 25), in Los Angeles on Tuesday (October 14), West made the announcement that his fifth album is looking like a June 2009 release.

At the party, which featured 700 or so guests, Kanye took the opportunity to say how little any critical feedback for 808s meant to him. "These are pieces of real life that I’m putting out for people to judge," he said. "It’s from my heart. I don’t give a fuck if someone rates it ‘hot’ or ‘not.’ I’m here to bring positivity that cannot be judged.

"It’s like judging a grandmother’s love," he added, "and someone says ‘Your grandmother gets two and a half mics.’ Or, ‘Your grandmother didn’t sell a million the first week.’”

Uh, yeah.

Speaking to MTV.com, Mike Dean, who helped mix the album, gave some behind the scenes info, saying Kanye insisted that "every song has got to have an 808 [drum pattern] in it... a keyboard part, no typical hip-hop beats. They've gotta be tribal drums. They're all singing."

And as far as the highly controversial Auto-Tune is concerned, well, MTV reports that it isn't just on "Love Lockdown." Adds Dean, "We were working on the remixes for [ Lil Wayne's 'Lollipop' and Young Jeezy's 'Put On'] and he fell in love with the Auto-Tune."

Kanye West "Love Lockdown"