Kanye West Moves Up Album to "November Something"

Kanye West Moves Up Album to 'November Something'
Well, it seems Kanye West isn’t sticking to that December release date for his 808s and Heartbreak after all. Today (September 24) Kanye took to the blog to post this all-caps tidbit of info: " I CHANGED MY ALBUM TO NOVEMBER SOMETHING CAUSE I FINISHED THE ALBUM AND I FELT LIKE IT... I WANT YALL TO HEAR IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.”

Okay, then, November "something” it is. Let’s just hope he doesn’t rush it this time and has to ”fix it” later on down the road like he did with "Love Lockdown.”

In other Kanye news, he’s helped put together a puppet-filled pilot for a new TV show called Alligator Boots, which the Hollywood Reporter describes as "hip-hop meets the Muppets." Kanye hosts the pilot, which also features fellow Chicago MC Rhymefest, and will reportedly debut some new tunes on the show. Alligator Boots comes from the hands of Jackhole Productions, who was also behind Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers.

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