Kanye West Gets His Mug Plastered on Diamond-Encrusted Watch

Kanye West Gets His Mug Plastered on Diamond-Encrusted Watch
Back in the '80s, Public Enemy hype man Flavor Flav rocked so many giant clocks that it became his signature style. Unfortunately, it looks as if the old-school hip-hopper has been upstaged in the time-telling department by a new diamond-encrusted gold watch that sports megalomaniacal superstar Kanye West's mug on its face. And guess who's wearing it? Yup, Ye himself.

Luxist [via XXL] reports that New York watchmaker Tiret has crafted a pricey and extravagant timepiece for West, which features the rapper sporting his signature shades. The 18k gold wrist-warmer apparently pleases the performer -- "he seems to wear it a lot," the report reads.

Here's a detailed description of the watch:

The watch dial features two Swiss quartz chronograph movements. So you have two times, two chronographs, etc... The real allure is in all the jewel work. Tiret claims it took them over five months to create the dial. The dial itself is in gold toned mother-of-pearl, with a combo of white, yellow, brown, and black diamonds. The bezel is lined with very large diamonds as well. The watch is said to have a total of about 8 carats of stones. Kayne's face has been immortalized on the dial - complete with sunglasses. Retail price for this is said to be about $180,000, and is custom made specially for each client.

Next time you see Ye on the street, make sure you ask him for the time. Knowing his well-documented self-centred persona, he might just tell you it's ten to his forehead.