Kanye West feat. Lil Wayne "Barry Bonds"

Kanye West feat. Lil Wayne 'Barry Bonds'
It may have a shelf life that expires come the Fall Classic (that is unless the Giants can rise up out of the basement – not likely), but check out Kanye being on the ball (no pun intended) as usual with this timely treat in honour of the new home run record holder. No sign of this joining the Graduation tracklisting yet, so just enjoy it for what it is: Kanye and Wayne boasting about their hotness and aligning themselves with the biggest sports moment of the year. The hook is virtually non-existent and the beat is a pretty modest old school example, but you can't top the man and his gift for rhyming in the moment. Gotta love it when he says, "We outta here baby! Duuuude!" like he was actually the 756th dinger incarnate. (Thanks to Del for the tip.)