Kanye West Denies Anger Management Therapy

Kanye West Denies Anger Management Therapy
We knew this was coming: Kayne West is denying that he’s enrolled in anger management classes. If you remember, on Monday , we told you his management was forcing the rapper to seek therapy in order to calm his recent outbursts and to help West secure some big-time endorsement deals. Now, old Kayne has responded and he doesn’t sound all that pleased. Here’s what he had to say on his blog:

Do yall remember when people said my fiance was pregnant???? What happened to that rumor????? I guess after we broke up it was just forgot about???? I'm just using that as an example of how people make up stuff and everybody runs with it. I had my own family asking me about that.

Now the media is saying I'm going to anger management something or 'nother. I have never had any conversations about anger management. If anything, I need anger enhancement!! lol! I get off the plane in Hawaii today and the world is saying my management team said blah, blah, blah... SIIIIIIGGGHHHH! I told the media you can't make up lies about me because I have a media outlet myself. Oh and sidebar: I don't know if everyone has realized this yet but I don't do interviews; if there's anything I wanna say I'll say right here on my own blog.

So there you have it: denial. We hope Kayne didn’t abuse his poor MacBook too much while typing this.

What Kayne is missing…