Kanye West Calls Coldplay "More Talented Than the Beatles," Rants Against The Today Show

Kanye West Calls Coldplay 'More Talented Than the Beatles,' Rants Against <i>The Today Show</i>
Even when he's not blowing minds with his stellar collaborations and epic music videos, you can always count on Kanye West to say something outrageous to make headlines. Sure enough, we have a couple classic Kanye quotes to share.

First off, Kanye told UK newspaper the Sun that Coldplay are better than the Beatles. Yep, he actually said that.

"I love Coldplay, and I honestly think they are on the same level as the Beatles," Ye said. "In 30 years, when Coldplay are old men, people will look back and say, 'These guys were more talented than the Beatles.' I have worked with Chris Martin and the man is a genius -- as a performer and a songwriter he is on the same level as John Lennon. I am not saying this sort of shit lightly, it's really how talented the guy is. And Coldplay can go down as the best ever -- even bigger than the Beatles."

He then went on to say that he hopes to record an album with the mom-friendly British rock group: "Jay-Z and Linkin Park made a sick album, and on paper that shouldn't have worked but it did. I want to meet with Chris and talk seriously about doing that. With us all in the studio we could create one of the greatest albums ever."

Next up, we have the latest in the ongoing saga that surrounds Kanye's controversial comments about George Bush. After calling the former president a racist on live TV back in 2005, Ye apologized last week for his remarks. In a new interview with Matt Lauer on the The Today Show, West spoke more about his newfound sense of regret [via Nah Right].

The segment hasn't aired yet, but West has already posted a series of angry tweets claiming that the interview was a set up. "I went up there to express how I was empathetic to Bush because I labeled him a racist and years later I got labeled as a racist," he wrote, continuing, "While I was trying to give the interview they started playing the 'MTV' under me with audio!!!!!!!" Presumably, "the 'MTV'" refers to the clip of him stealing the microphone from Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs.


The rant got increasingly ridiculous and self-pitying as it went on. "I feel very alone very used very tortured very forced very misunderstood very hollow very very misused," he complained, writing, "I can't be everybody's hero and villain savior and sinner Christian and anti Christ!"

The full string of tweets is practically begging for psychoanalysis, as other choice quotes include, "EVERYTHING SOUNDS LIKE NOISE!!!!!!! I don't trust anyone!" and "It's all a fucking set up!!!!"

Read the whole thing here, and see a short clip of the Matt Lauer interview below (skip ahead to 1:35 for Kanye).