Kanye West "Drunk In Love" (Beyoncé cover)

Kanye West 'Drunk In Love' (Beyoncé cover)
Here's something sweet for Valentine's Day: Kanye West has put his own twist on Beyoncé and Jay Z's surfbort anthem "Drunk in Love."

Ye goes hard on a tweaked-up beat, featuring a prominent string section and wobbly, wave-riding synths. Of his many boasts, we have West running off bars about being the motherfucker to his MILF, promising to both pa-rum-pa-pum pump all over her stomach and, clearly not understanding human physiology, impregnating her mouth. After concluding his turnt-up x-rated run, we hear Bey's familiar, wood-grindin' verses get soaked in reverb and Jay Z's cake-eating closing bars.

You can hear West's woozy update down below.