Kandle Talks 'In Flames,' Streams Debut Album on Exclaim.ca

Kandle Talks 'In Flames,' Streams Debut Album on Exclaim.ca
Onetime Blue Violets member Kandle went solo back in 2012 for a self-titled EP, and now a couple of years later, she's ready to drop her full-length solo debut. Due out March 4 on Dare to Care Records, In Flames is already available to stream on Exclaim.ca, and as the songwriter explains, it's very much her own creation — even if she did get a little parental guidance.

The album was co-produced by Kandle's father, Neil Osborne of 54-40, and she confesses that the Can-rock veteran wasn't an entirely willing participant in the sessions.

"I have to force him to be involved, because he would rather not," she tells Exclaim! with a laugh. "But I just love having him around because he's really grounded and he assured me that my vision is the right vision. A lot of times, when you're working with these incredible, talented people throwing their ideas at you, it's hard to be sure of what you really want. When I work with him, he reminds the band, 'Hey, this is Kandle's record. We're here for her and for her vision, so let's follow that.'"

After Kandle and her guitar player, Sam Goldberg of Broken Social Scene (who also co-produced In Flames), recorded the bed tracks at Greenhouse Studio in Vancouver, the Montreal-based singer went to Victoria, BC, to lay down the rest of her parts.

"It was great for me to be able to do vocals in my parents' house with my dog, and be in my pyjamas, having full control," she reflects.

The result is a dark collection, full of minor key ballads and noir-hued alt-country. But despite the downcast mood, Kandle explains that the album title is decidedly tongue-in-cheek.

"Everybody likes to make 'candle' jokes to me," she says. "I wrote the song 'In Flames' not realizing that it was funny, and people started laughing at me about that, so I was like, 'Fine, I'm calling the album In Flames.' Then, when I went to find real album titles, the record label and everybody voted that they wanted that to stay as the title. So I was outvoted, and I decided to just go with it."

Kandle's live schedule is here, and to stream the full album ahead of its release, go here.