K-OS To Release New Album... Next Week

K-OS To Release New Album... Next Week
After three album-less years, K-OS is finally following up Atlantis: Hymns for Disco. Next Tuesday (April 14), the Toronto MC will release his exclamatory fourth album Yes! via his newly minted Crown Loyalist Recordings, which K-OS launched last year through Universal.

The first two Yes! singles are already out there in radioland and online: "4321" and "Uptown Girl" (no this isn't a Billy Joel cover, but it does have a "Love Buzz" thing going for it). You can check out both over on K-OS's MySpace page and head over to his website if you care to partake in a little contest. In it, you can win a signed copy of the album, a meet'n'greet with K-OS and get two free concert tickets to his upcoming, but yet-to-be-announced, Canadian tour.

Yes! is also getting a companion album next week, which comes from another contest that asked fans to remix the album and turn in the results. That one is dubbed Yes! It's Yours and is out April 14 as well.

Stayed tuned for those tour dates. In the meantime...


1. "Zambony"
2. "Astronaut"
3. "Burning Bridges"
4. "Uptown Girl"
5. "I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman"
6. "4321"
7. "Eye Know Something"
8. "The Aviator"
9. "FUN!"
10. "Mr. Telephone Man"
11. "WhipC.R.E.A.M."
12. "The Avenue"

Yes! It's Yours:

1. "Zambony"(Phil Azer Remix)
2. "Astronaut" (Tee L. Remix)
3. "Burning Bridges" (TheSoundCrate Remix)
4. "Uptown GirL" (Jalyn Remix)
5. "4321" (TheSoundCrate Remix)
6. "Eye Know Something" (Herr Kaschke Remix)
7. "The Aviator" (Len Afrosaxon Remix)
8. "FUN!" (Ric's Notes Remix)
9. "Mr. Telephone Man" (Len Afrosaxon Remix)
10. "WhipC.R.E.A.M." (Remot Remix)
11. "The Avenue" (Zack W. Remix)