K-os "Never Be Silent" (PETA video)

K-os 'Never Be Silent' (PETA video)
The animal rights activists at PETA have launched a new campaign called "Never Be Silent," and they have recruited some Canadian talent to help out. Rapper K-os filmed an interview for the organization, and you can now get some insight into his feelings about the mistreatment of animals.

The Toronto MC, who is a longtime vegetarian, told PETA that a human being is an animal like any other. He said, "We've put animals in categories. There's bad ones -- rats and whatever -- and there's beautiful ones like dogs and fluffy ones. And that's just gross. Man should love all animals equally and realize it's part of their family."

Never Be Silent urges animal lovers to speak out against animal cruelty and advocate ethical practices and vegan dining. This is doubtless what K-os was talking about when he recently said that he would be "doing something cool" with PETA.

The rapper's long-awaited double album BLack on BLonde is reportedly due out on November 27.

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