K-os "The Dog Is Mine"

K-os 'The Dog Is Mine'
While we still wait on BLack on BLonde, Canadian rapper K-os continues to roll out new tracks. His latest is "The Dog Is Mine," which he has now posted online and is reportedly the album's first official single.

The song avoids hip-hop entirely, instead boasting melodic singing and brawny electric guitar licks that align it most closely with radio-friendly alt-rock.

Today (September 11) K-os tweeted that he would be "doing something cool with @peta" on his official website. He subsequently added, "new songs all day long," meaning that we might hear some more new material before the day is out.

Also, according to some online reports, "The Dog Is Mine" will appear on BLack on BLonde, which apparently has a new due date of November 27.

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