​Justin Bieber's Horrifying Burrito-Eating Photo Was a Fake

​Justin Bieber's Horrifying Burrito-Eating Photo Was a Fake
Justin Bieber got a lot of flak last week for eating a burrito like a harmonica, but it turns out the Canadian pop star wasn't actually the dude in the photo.
The folks at Yes Theory have come clean and revealed that they managed to fool the entire Internet by staging the photograph with a Bieber lookalike.
In a video shared yesterday (October 28), they took the opportunity to say "Gotcha!" and then took viewers behind-the-scenes of the viral sensation.
The guy committing crimes against burritos is actually an uncanny Biebs lookalike from Cambridge, ON, named Brad Sousa.
In an attempt to prove how easy it is to make fake stories blow up, the Yes Theory crew cooked up a number of potential scenarios involving the fake Bieber, ultimately landing on the sideways burrito scandal.
Clearly it worked — media outlets everywhere (including Exclaim!) picked up the story and ran with it.
Bieber's manager Scooter Braun has also weighed in on the elaborate prank, sharing a video call between him and the Yes Theory guys, in which he explains that he obviously knew it wasn't the real Bieber in the photo, but that he went along with it because he thought it was "really funny."

Watch how Yes Theory and co. pulled the whole thing off below.