Jumbo's Killcrane Carnaval De Carne

The aptly named Jumbo’s Killcrane are the heaviest band out of Lawrence, Kansas since grunge-era alt-rockers Paw wheezed their last breath. Preferring a chunkier sound paralleling Melvins or Totimoshi with vocal lamentations like Scissorfight’s Ironlung fronting Craw, the six-song Carnaval De Carne EP plods dementedly like an alcoholic operating heavy machinery. The Keelhaul-ish "Tonymegshi” (a tribute of sorts to Tony Aguilar and Meg Castellanos of Totimoshi) lumbers forward with a more modulated attack, threatening to careen off course at any moment. The sparing "Tres Fútbol del Mono I” slows down the pace a bit, allowing guitarist Ervis to flex his muscles on Iron Butterfly-like keyboards, but the Clutch-on-downers "Case In Progress” and "Gasmouth” add a mud-caked stratum to the group’s Sabbath-ified bottom-end rumble. Math rock for doomheads, JKC are the type of band who’d gladly play your living room in exchange for pizza, a case of beer, and floor space to crash. (Crucial Blast)