Jugga the Bully Sucka MCz

Best known for his three-year-old song "Clueless," Jugga the Bully follows up Hostile Takeover - the album featuring that scathing dis of DJ Clue - with a more commercially appealing single. "Sucka MCz" is a dirty head nodder filled with egotistical bragging in the guise of witty wordplay. It's also on this song that Jugga sounds the most like Thirstin Howl III, but with less charisma. And that's not meant in a bad way. On the flip side, "Elbow Room" is bling-bling meets g-funk with a played out story, some funny one-liners and a nice flow that rides the heavy bounce of the beat. However, I could definitely do without the chorus. Either of those songs might get Jugga some airplay, but it's the bonus ode to weed, "Treeze," that is the highlight. The beat has bounce while avoiding sounding like a club cut, thanks to a slower bass line and a frantic piano loop. Even Jugga knows the subject matter is so overused, he remarks, "Every damn song I do is a smoking song," before running down a list of the pros and cons of "green treeze." Maybe Sucka MCz is not a necessary twelve-inch, but is definitely good in the mix. (Underworld)