Joy Division Catalogue Treated to Vinyl Reissue Campaign

Joy Division Catalogue Treated to Vinyl Reissue Campaign
Joy Division's albums aren't too hard to find on vinyl, since they've been reissued numerous times over the years. But with the classic 1980 single "Love Will Tear Us Apart" celebrating its 35th anniversary next month, Rhino Records is now preparing to once again reissue Joy Division's catalogue.

This campaign consists of four records: both of Joy Division's official studio albums, 1979's Unknown Pleasures and 1980's Closer, plus the compilations Still (1981) and Substance (1988). The two albums will come out on June 29 as single LPs, while the two comps will follow on July 24 as double-LP sets.

The reissues are all coming out on heavyweight 180-gram vinyl. They've been remastered, although these same remasters have been used on previous reissues. The packaging of the original versions has also been recreated.

For the most part, the original tracklists have been preserved, although Substance is arriving in an expanded edition containing the bonus tracks from the CD version, plus two extra tracks: "As You Said" and an alternate version of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" recorded at Pennine studios. The 19-song expanded version of Substance will also come out on CD.

See the tracklists below.

Meanwhile, bassist Peter Hook and his current band the Light will be releasing a live album featuring a performance of Joy Division's entire discography. The concert will be happening in the group's hometown of Macclesfield on May 18, and the album can be pre-ordered here.

Unknown Pleasures:

A1. Disorder
A2. Day of the Lords
A3. Candidate
A4. Insight
A5. New Dawn Fades
B1. She's Lost Control
B2. Shadowplay
B3. Wilderness
B4. Interzone
B5. I Remember Nothing


A1. Atrocity Exhibition
A2. Isolation
A3. Passover
A4. Colony
A5. A Means to an End
B1. Heart and Soul
B2. Twenty Four Hours
B3. The Eternal
B4. Decades


A1. Exercise One
A2. Ice Age
A3. The Sound of Music
A4. Glass
A5. The Only Mistake
B1. Walked in Line
B2. The Kill
B3. Something Must Break
B4. Dead Souls
B5. Sister Ray
C1. Ceremony
C2. Shadowplay
C3. Means to an End
C4. Passover
C5. New Dawn Fades
C6. Twenty Four Hours
D1. Transmission
D2. Disorder
D3. Isolation
D4. Decades
D5. Digital

Substance (CD/LP):

1. Warsaw
2. Leaders of Men
3. Digital
4. Autosuggestion
5. Transmission
6. She's Lost Control
7. Incubation
8. Dead Souls
9. Atmosphere
10. Love Will Tear Us Apart
11. No Love Lost
12. Failures
13. Glass
14. From Safety to Where
15. Novelty
16. Komakino
17. As You Said
18. These Days
19. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Pennine Version)