Josh Reichmann Oracle Band "Believing" (Secret Sessions @ TARA)

Josh Reichmann Oracle Band 'Believing' (Secret Sessions @ TARA)
One of several groups invited to play TARA Sessions over the North By North East weekend, Josh Reichmann Oracle Band delivered a fantastic, minimalist version of the track "Believing" from their spring debut Crazy Power.

Barely resembling its studio counterpart, the TARA Session version begins with Reichmann scatting out a beat. The bass and drums quickly come in and lay down a jazzy groove that wouldn't be out of place on one of the first few A Tribe Called Quest records. Finally Reichmann starts singing the melody, accompanied by a saxophone and that's it. Just bass, drums, sax and Reichmann having a rave up in the TARA studio. And the whole damn thing works really well. In a lot of ways I prefer it to the slightly overstuffed (but still great) version on Crazy Power.