Jonny Greenwood's Norwegian Wood Soundtrack Gets Japanese Release

Jonny Greenwood's <i>Norwegian Wood</i> Soundtrack Gets Japanese Release
If there was ever a time to shell out for exorbitant import fees, this is it. Earlier this year, we learned that Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood would be scoring the film adaptation of Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood, which is being directed Anh Hung Tran. Now, Greenwood's compositions have been released on CD, but only in Japan.

The Playlist points to a listing on Amazon Japan, which says that the soundtrack was released on November 10. The album has 14 tracks and you can read over the titles below, although most of them are in Japanese. Greenwood wrote all of the Japanese-titled songs, while the three English ones are by German Krautrock pioneers Can.

In our recent review of Norwegian Wood, we called the film a "deeply affecting tale" with a "non-traditional, haunting soundtrack." If you want a get a taste of it for yourself, head over to Amazon Japan and splurge for those overseas shipping fees. Click on embedded clip below to see a trailer for the film. It prominently uses the Beatles' "Norwegian Wood," but it also has some original music, likely written by Greenwood.

Stay tuned for an update with the English translations of the track titles.

UPDATE: We now have the English translations, which you can check out below.

Norwegian Wood: Original Soundtrack:

1. Jonny Greenwood - "もう少し自分のこと、きちんとしたいの" ("Want to Organize Myself a Little More")

2. Jonny Greenwood - "草原、風、雑木林" ("Grasslands, Wind, Woods")

3. Can - "Mary, Mary, So Contrary"

4. Jonny Greenwood - "また会いに来るからね" ("I'll Come See You Again")

5. Jonny Greenwood - "時の洗礼を受けていないものを読むな" ("Don't Read What Hasn't Been Baptized by Time")

6. Jonny Greenwood - "レイコ" ("Reiko")

7. Can - "Bring Me Coffee or Tea"

8. Jonny Greenwood - "直子が死んだ" ("Naoko Is Dead")

9. Jonny Greenwood - "いい子だから黙ってて" ("Be Good and Stay Quiet")

10. Jonny Greenwood - "あてもなく歩き回った" ("Wondered Around")

11. Jonny Greenwood - "クォーター・トーン・ブルーム" ("Quarter Tone Bloom")

12. Can - "Don't Turn the Light On, Leave Me Alone"

13. Jonny Greenwood - "私をとるときは私だけをとってね" ("Just Take Me When You Take Me")

14. Jonny Greenwood - "激しい幻聴" ("Stormy Auditory Hallucinations")