BRANCHES' Jonny Dylan Hughes Shares New Single "Devastation"

BRANCHES' Jonny Dylan Hughes Shares New Single 'Devastation'
Western Canadian Renaissance man Jonny Dylan Hughes makes ambient music as BRANCHES and house beats as Slow Start. He's also occasionally himself.

In his new single under his own name — the first since 2018 — Hughes embraces more of an electropop soundscape. The new Bandcamp release "Devastation" is five-plus minutes of shimmering synths and drum machines. The timely lyrics seem born of the COVID-19 era's tribulations: "Have you ever had your world collapse / Like the stress was charging you tax?" Lines about salting food even though he can't taste it (and not knowing what year/month/day it is) feel extremely on the nose.

Hughes' voice is simultaneously tender and processed as he sings about a devastating revelation and his fatherly desire to protect his children from feeling the same hurt. The track concludes with a field recording of fireworks going off, evoking a little light in the darkness.

​"Devastation" was mixed by Christopher Teti in Montreal. Listen to the track below.