Jon Thor Dogz II

Look out! Canada's favourite cheese ball, Thor, is back. You know, "Keep the Dogs Away." You guessed it; this is another stab at glory, with Dogz II even featuring a revamped version of the classic cut. However, the disc as a whole disappoints, but one still can't help but laugh along and give Thor a big "hail!" just for being a humorous and very metal guy. Just like Spinal Tap, no one sits around listening to it for too long, but it still gets the universal smirk from metalheads world-wide. On Dogz II, Thor has recruited some zany young pups to assist him in creating some quasi-techno/nu-metal rubbish that is really sort of funny, but not for long. I like the idea and the attitude, and I love the guy, but I wouldn't recommend listening to this for any reason. (Independent)