Jon Epworth MM/DD/YY

This is a fucking great album. On his debut solo CD, Dean Malenkos drummer Jon Epworth turns in an album showing huge ability as both a pop songsmith and a talented performer. While each song is at worst an adequately charming tune, Epworth uses them as a vehicle for a huge variety of experimentation. From the synth/noise slashes in "All Day” to the rootsy delivery of "Wherefore Emanuel,” the album throws ideas around freely, not worrying if new ones will materialise for the next track. Best of all Epworth manages to pull this off while simultaneously avoiding the songs sinking into a self-indulgent muck or feeling like they are pop songs with spaces set aside for Radiohead-inspired madness. This is one of the few albums that has managed to both capitalise on the Halifax sound while still sounding vibrant and new. (Antiantenna)