Jon Delerious No Warning

If deep house is a connoisseur’s form, then Calgary’s Jon Delerious is its newest gourmet chef, serving up a clutch of sizzling tracks on his debut album. Following in the footsteps of Western Canadian house impresario Gavin Froome, Delerious bathes his tunes in a vat of dub textures, leaving no stone unturned in search of hazy ambience. And while tracks like "Orange Eyes (Dub Revolution)” and "Desavibes” will leave you fiending for a spliff, the Arabic-tinged "Percussive Slide” will jolt you out of reverie, commanding you to the dance floor without delay. Of the many late-night tracks here, "Tekfunk” stands out as exemplary, a micro-house anthem driven by a sinister synth squiggle and a hypnotic shuffle-tech pulse. Canadian house music has its new hero, and his name is Delerious. (Nordic Trax)