Jon-Rae and the River Old Songs for the New Town

Jon-Rae Fletcher might just as easily have stayed at the church to lead the Sunday choir, or become a pastor like his father and grandfather before him. While he may have won the congregation over with his old fashioned sensibility, Rae’s no choir boy. His country gospel leans precariously close to rock’n’roll and is possessed with a righteous torment too intense for most churchgoers. The River surge with holy harmony and cacophonous exorcism; a spiritual undertow that will ultimately raise you up or break you down. Rae’s voice quivers with the vulnerability and charm of a common man in the thick of his personal battle. He’s brought his gospel road show across the country and thrilled parishioners of all stripes with a rapturous live show. Five albums and a few Rivers later, Jon-Rae and the River have called both Vancouver and Toronto home. The paths they’ve tread between are scattered with bars, coffee shops, halls and backyards that abound with the testimonials of those baptised in Jon-Rae Fletcher’s River. Pray that the good news reaches you soon. (Permafrost)