Johnny Marr Makes "Guitar Sound Electronic" on New Soundtrack

Johnny Marr Makes 'Guitar Sound Electronic' on New Soundtrack
Ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr is a busy man. When he's not strumming tunes for the Cribs or Modest Mouse, the guitar virtuoso is recovering long-lost axes and composing TV soundtracks with Ian Brown. Now, he's back to grinding out soundtracks, but this time, it's for a film.

As the NME reports, Marr has begun working on the soundtrack to the upcoming, Antonio Banderas-starring Big Bang, which will see release in the fall of this year. We reported the soundtrack plans last December, but now Marr has told us a bit about what we can expect.

"I've done new stuff which is kind of atmospheric and almost Warp-like," he told NME. "Making the guitar sound electronic. Where other people would have used orchestras I've made the same effect using guitars."

Marr was asked by director Tony Kratz to score the film, which Marr calls "half-detective, half-trippy," based on his love of the guitarist's 2000-2003 group the Healers.