John P. Strohm Everyday Life

While there’s no denying that John P. Strohm has played a part in creating some great music over the years, he’s been letting his musical career lapse during the past decade to focus on his other career as a lawyer, as well as on his family. His glory days in Blake Babies, Antenna and the Lemonheads seem like a long, long time ago and his two previous solo albums didn’t set the world on fire, despite being pretty good. So, while it is nice to see him back again there isn’t anyone waiting with bated breath for Everyday Life. However, if there were they wouldn’t be overwhelmed by this, but possibly quite happy. Everyday Life is more of the same for Strohm; he’s writing solid pop songs that are delivered with a hint of twang that warrants comparisons to the Jayhawks. Yet his earnestness threatens to overwhelm things, at times. For example, a song to his daughter ("Anna”) has cringe-worthy lyrics and a syrupy delivery that’s hard to listen to. But when he puts the sentimentality in check, he isn’t too bad at all. At least he has a good day job. (Superphonic)