John Carpenter & Alan Howarth's Soundtracks for 'Halloween II,' 'III' and 'They Live' Get Vinyl Reissues via Death Waltz

John Carpenter & Alan Howarth's Soundtracks for 'Halloween II,' 'III' and 'They Live' Get Vinyl Reissues via Death Waltz
There's no question this year has been stellar for soundtrack aficionados. Already, we've got recent vinyl pressings of Eraserhead, Drive and The Beyond, and now the score-minded folks over at Death Waltz Recording Co. have rolled out a killer new release schedule to take them to the end of 2012 and beyond.

Most excitingly, among the upcoming vinyl reissues from the recently launched UK label are a trio of long-out-of-print soundtracks from John Carpenter and scoring partner Alan Howarth, including the pair's creeped-out Halloween II, the impossibly rare (and amazing) Halloween III and They Live.

Both Halloween re-releases will arrive on October 14, with a limited run being pressed on black and orange vinyl, while They Live comes out in December. All three will get new covers (which if you ask us look pretty amazing), and you can check them all out over here, as well as see the newly unveiled They Live art (our favourite of the batch) above.

At this point, however, no tracklists have been revealed, meaning it's unclear if the bonus cuts from any previous expanded editions will be included.

In a statement, Howarth said of the reissue project, "The fact that the music John Carpenter and I created for these now classic genre movies has an audience today proves their validity as pioneering works of analog synthesis. Death Waltz is committed to making this music available to the audience of vinyl underscores their importance. We released these scores originally on vinyl, and at that time did not realize that this would be the best way to experience them in the future. Listening to digital versions of this music sacrifices the subtitle warmth and analog quality for convenience. Long live vinyl!"

These three titles add to Death Waltz's ongoing John Carpenter reissue campaign, which so far also includes Escape from New York and Prince of Darkness.

But Death Waltz also has more in store this year beside Carpenter/Howarth soundtracks. Following the label's inaugural reissue of the Zombi 2 score by Fabio Frizzi, the grossly underrated soundtrack composer will see his City of the Living Dead score be repressed on wax. This release marks one of three soundtrack reissues concerning Italian film director Lucio Fulci (aka the "Godfather of Gore"), with his Sette Note In Nero and House by the Cemetery films also being honoured via soundtrack reissues.

Expect City of the Living Dead and House by the Cemetery to arrive in January and Sette Note In Nero in February.

Finally, also on the docket for release are the soundtracks for the new UK horror flick The Devil's Business (December), as well as those from Ty West's House of the Devil and The Innkeepers.

To learn more about all the releases mentioned above, head to the Death Waltz site here.