Joey Cape Launches One Week Records Imprint

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 16, 2014

Joey Cape's music career has expanded from singer-songwriter to label owner, having announced a new imprint of his own called One Week Records.

A press release explains that the name of the conceptually-based company is quite apt, as it is built around the concept of the Lagwagon leader calling up friends and asking them to stay at his home in California for a week, where the time will be spent crafting a collaborative, 10-song LP. As the PR explains, participants will "sleep, eat, shower, collaborate and generally live with Joey, as together they capture ten visceral, honest, no-frills recordings on Joey's home studio."

In a statement, Cape said, "Given the limited schedule, there is no time to overproduce."

Noting that the project was inspired by his love for off-the-cuff demos, he added: "I am often disappointed with the big production that follows. I don't want to hear what the studio sounds like, I want to hear what the artist sounds like. The goal here at One Week Records is to produce high-quality recordings that are an honest representation of an artist's creativity."

So far two team-ups have been unveiled, with one bringing together Cape with Chris Cresswell of the Flatliners and the other with Cape's Scorpios bandmate Brian Wahlstrom. Each record is available now for $5, and they feature jiffy marker-rendered artwork from the guest musician.

You can pick up both releases here.

Up next for the label will be a release steered by Cape and acoustic musician Jo Bergeron.

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