Joey Bada$$ "Devastated"

Joey Bada$$ 'Devastated'
Pro Era rapper Joey Bada$$ has been a much loved MC for a handful of years now, but it used to be that the rapper was unsure of his status. The slow grind to the top is the topic of his just-dropped single, "Devastated."

The new track was built by producers Adam Pallin, Kirk Knight, and Powers Pleasant. Together, they stack up a series of sparkling synth tones, massive brass backing, and hard-thump beats for Bada$$ to work his flow over. Lyrically, the Beast Coast rhymer talks about his early days, a period where he wasn't sure if he'd make it in the game.

Things have seemingly turned out OK for Bada$$, but you can hear him discuss his old way of life below.