Joey Bada$$ "Mr. Wonderful"

Joey Bada$$ 'Mr. Wonderful'
Pro Era rapper Joey Bada$$ is focusing his third eye vision on the mixed martial arts scene, having just delivered a new tune supporting UFC fighter Phil Davis (a.k.a. Mr. Wonderful) ahead of this weekend's match up against Anthony Johnston.

Dubbed "Mr. Wonderful," the track has producer Kirk Knight punching the beat up with bass-rippling groove and bone-cracking snare clacks. Not to be outshined, Bada$$ delivers a brawny set of bars threatening to tear up his enemies' ligaments via "flying kicks and iron fists." Apparently he's up for some nasty business outside of the octagon too, riffing near the end of the track that his guns are still blazin'.

You can take in the aural assault via the stream down below.