Joanna Newsom/Bill Callahan Cohort Neal Morgan Announces 'In the Yard' Solo LP

Joanna Newsom/Bill Callahan Cohort Neal Morgan Announces 'In the Yard' Solo LP
Neal Morgan has supported some big hitters over the years, from eccentric harpist Joanna Newsom to prolific sad sap Bill Callahan, but he'll be pummelling away all on his own for his upcoming solo effort, In the Yard.

While arranging and performing percussion on Newsom's Have One On Me and playing with Callahan has introduced Morgan to a wide audience, his own work is decidedly removed from the mainstream. According to a press release, the Portland-based musician's second solo set, following 2009's To the Breathing World, is a collection of drum and vocal pieces stringing together either unkempt percussive improvisations or "tightly arranged polyrhythmic cyclical marches" with polyphonic voice layering.

Tracks like "Fathers Day," which you can download here, were captured on a old boombox in his garage, setting the tone for the album's "hot and distorted" feel.

Morgan presents his vocal arrangements in stark a cappella sections, as well as spoken passages. Lyrically, he tackles "villains from his youth, swimming on tour, reaching out to loved ones, and paying homage to the painter Philip Guston."

Morgan self-releases the set on January 24, but Drag City will handle distribution duties. The LP and cassette versions of In the Yard will feature digital downloads of the album proper, a karaoke version, and a drums-only file of "Fathers Day."

In the Yard:

1. "On Tour"
2. "Fathers Day"
3. "I Stand On A Roof"
4. "In The Yard"
5. "On A Cut Hill"
6. "Kicking The Ball"
7. "May 21, 2009"
8. "Thinking Big"
9. "Wandering The Block"
10. "The Evidence"
11. "It's Man Or Mouse Now"
12. "I Dreamed"