Joan of Arc's Nate Kinsella Plans New Birthmark Release

Joan of Arc's Nate Kinsella Plans New Birthmark Release
When he's not aiding relatives Tim and Mike with bands like Joan of Arc, Make Believe and Owen, multi-instrumentalist Nate Kinsella busies himself with solo work under the name Birthmark. In 2007, Birthmark dropped The Layer. He followed it up with an appearance on the Joan of Arc compilation Don't Mind Control, and this winter he'll return with a second Birthmark album called Shaking Hands.

A press release explains that Shaking Hands is suitable for those who appreciate "Kinsella-sounding" music, but "will also appeal to people who like the idea of a more mellow Animal Collective making good use of an acoustic guitar or a version of Panda Bear more influenced by Steve Reich than the Beach Boys. Arthur Russell may also come to mind, not only because of the incredible amounts of music that Nate recorded."

Shaking Hands will be available on CD and LP via Hidden Agenda on December 14. In Europe, the release will be available on November 19 via Coraille.

Shaking Hands:

1. "Socializing"

2. "Fossil Record"

3. "Separation"

4. "The Descension"

5. "OKKT"

6. "Tokyo/Portugal"

7. "Pendulum"

8. "Burst at Night"

9. "Balloons"

10. "On Birthdays"