JJ and the Pillars "Knuckles" (video)

JJ and the Pillars 'Knuckles' (video)
Toronto folk-rockers JJ and the Pillars release their latest album Daisy later this month, and the band are previewing the upcoming full-length with a brand new lyric video for lead single "Knuckles."
The track has been paired with a clip that honours the most important meal of the day (or any meal at any time of day, really) with a recurring motif of breakfast cereal — from the Cheerios-cheering opening credits to the Lucky Charm bouncing along in time to the lyrics (spelled out in AlphaBits, of course) at the bottom of the screen to wine glasses filled with Froot Loops and milk.

"We all love cereal," the band tells Exclaim! "We wanted to make a music video where we could eat a lot of it: That's exactly what we did."
It's a tempting argument for turning regular boozy bars into cereal-themed ones, and you can check out the video for "Knuckles" in the player below. You can also stream the track via Bandcamp here.
We're not doctors, but we're pretty sure it's part of a balanced breakfast.