JJ "Dynasti" (video)

JJ 'Dynasti' (video)
Swedish duo JJ have been pretty cryptic with the videos supporting their 2014 LP V so far, and they're maintaining that streak via the oblique ritualism presented in new clip "Dynasti."

Following a brief, apparently present-day scenario where singer Elin Kastlander is chewing on her parka, the clip begins to play out like a journeyman's epic. A face-painted figure (a.k.a. the band's Joakim Benon) wanders through sandy plains before stumbling into an enclave of mysteriously masked figures and their gold-flecked leader. What follows, for whatever reason, is a ceremony that finds everyone dancing to JJ's gauzy pop tune as a series of flame-engulfed pianos are rendered into cinders.

You can sort out what it all means by giving the video a look down below.