Jimmy Page Have Guitar, Will Travel

For those who think that the Nuggets box sets are a little too intimidating, this collection of early to mid-‘60s sonic curios is exactly what you need. And strikingly enough, the guitar string pulling, manipulation and plucking on all these songs just so happens to be the work of a pre-Led Zeppelin (and pre-hard substance use edge-dulling) axeman chap named Jimmy Page. This CD showcases a range of his early works from when he was a hired gun producer, writer, guitarist and arranger, and the work shines. Most of the works here are UK-based, with songs by (obviously) the Yardbirds, Authentics, the Who-esque Les Fleurs de Lys and even iconic American bluesman Sonny Boy Williamson. The most interesting inclusion here is the rare pre-Velvet Underground German singer Nico single, which includes a cover of Gordon Lightfoot's "I'm Not Sayin'" backed with a Page and Andrew Oldham-penned song as well as an on-fire and steaming number played with Eric Clapton ("Draggin' My Tail"). Have Guitar, Will Travel is a perfect companion to the recently-released live Led Zeppelin DVD and CD sets, where one gets to experience the roots of modern rock in a time where discovery played constantly on every decimal of the radio dial, and the building up of an explosive vanguard voodoo guitar talent that is Jimmy Page. (Fuel 2000)