Jimi Hendrix Deluxe Reissues and Box Set Lined up for 2010 After New Deal with Sony

Jimi Hendrix Deluxe Reissues and Box Set Lined up for 2010 After New Deal with Sony
It looks as if fans of Jimi Hendrix have reason to look forward to next year. Thanks to a new licensing deal between Experience Hendrix - the Hendrix family company that controls all catalogue and copyright dealings to do with Jimi's music - and Sony Music Entertainment, there will be a series of deluxe Hendrix reissues in 2010.

You're probably thinking something along the lines of what we mentioned earlier this year - some experts say there are over 160 Hendrix releases out there already and isn't that enough? Well, when there are still unreleased recordings in the vaults, no.

According to Reuters, the reissue series will include the three Jimi Hendrix Experience albums, as well as posthumous releases, the Dagger Records bootlegs and - what has Hendrix fans really worked up - the aforementioned previously unreleased material, which includes archival recordings and concerts.

Things aren't fully ironed out yet between Sony and Experience Hendrix, so no one's saying too much about content, but Reuters says there will be "extra material and enhanced packaging" on the trio of studio albums. Adam Block, Sony Music Entertainment Legacy Recordings senior vice-president and general manager, added that "there is an enormous amount of material that Hendrix fans are going to be thrilled to have."

And, apparently, a box set of the studio albums is one of the first projects in the works, something that - shockingly - has never been done, as well as another Experience Hendrix tour to celebrate all of this. Like we say, Hendrix fans, get ready for a heck of a 2010.