Jim Noir "All Right"

Jim Noir 'All Right'
Fresh off a tour with like-minded peers Super Furry Animals, the vastly underblogged Jim Noir (real name Alan Roberts) comes back to us with a brand new EP to follow-up 2005’s dazzling debut Tower of Love. Since we last heard from him Mr. Noir has been subliminally found a home in our ears through the use of his music in three episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and a number of commercials including an Adidas one that ran during the World Cup last year. All Right, which can be heard in full on the EP’s special MySpace page, continues the Mancunian’s sunny psych pop flirtations with electronic instrumentation. Only two tracks really go full-fledged into digital programming, the best of which is the lead single. It appears spending time with the Super Furries has rubbed off on the singer-songwriter, because "All Right” is just the sort of elaborate digi pop those whimsical Welshmen have been practicing over the last decade and a half. Funny thing is, Noir has outdone them with this one, hitting the melodies smack dab in the kisser, while building a dreamy surrounding structure that may actually be more indebted to the Beta Band’s lackadaisical trip-pop. Don’t care much for the video – I find those puppets rather creepy – but hopefully the music is a taster for the next album to come in 2008.