Alternative Tentacles has re-released one of best hardcore records of the early ’80s, Jodie Foster’s Army’s Valley of the Yakes. For that alone, they deserve to sell thousands. The ton of bonus material on this only makes it better. This is the fourth and best in A.T.’s Skate Punk series, re-releasing choice material from the ’80s heyday of hardcore skate music. JFA were one of the few bands that had a really distinct sound. You catch a glimpse of it on the first few tracks from their Blatant Localism EP, released in 1981. By the 1983 release of Valley of the Yakes, they had come into their own. Putting surf covers like "Walk Don’t Run” next to out-of-control hardcore ragers like "I Don’t Like You” is still jarring but it just works so well. And it was just those super-fast tunes played by skinny teenage skateboarding freaks that has such a unique appeal, even 20 years later. Legions of punkers can still relate to songs like "Preppy” (you’re so fucking lame, you all look the same) and "We Know You Suck.” The biographical notes by people like Duane Peters and Tim Kerr of the Big Boys add the personal touch to this. If you’re a skate punk and you don’t have any JFA records, then you’re a poser. So pick this up and redeem yourself.