Jett Blackk Heart Attack Needle To The Groove

Members of From Autumn to Ashes and Helmet trying to blend overt pop with '70s arena rock and vomit-inducing harmonies and melodies? It's tough to tell if Jett Blackk Heart Attack is a really sick concept, an outright joke or a bunch of befallen heavy musicians' sadly serious effort at capitalizing on sugary pop rock. Either way, songs are rousing, anthemic and incredibly candied, in that annoying, posturing and completely insincere way only people like Lenny Kravitz can really pull off. If there's any confusion about this group's ability to do the same, well, they don't. It's like Sarah Palin with politics or Oprah Winfrey and weight loss: painfully watching someone try too hard at something they should just give up on. (Independent)