Jesus Wept Sick City

A religious allusion in a band name almost always indicates a profound interest in preaching. Whether it is anti-establishment or amorously directed towards an undying faith in God, there’s indubitably a message. This band is no exception. Think youth group turned youth crew. Think xdisciplex A.D. a couple years older, fatter and dimmer. Think boring 4/4 beats and weak, witless guitar chugging. Think anything but valuable music. This album sounds like a quick attempt at redemption before Armageddon, singing holy hardcore hymns to please their omniscient God. It’s the only plausible explanation for music that suggests they learned absolutely nothing over the years in xdisciplex. It’s not much different, still playing out as a string of songs strictly adhere to traditional hardcore defences. Breakdowns are God on this record. Balding prompts the shaved heads. Basketball inspires the attire. It’s easy to picture. No doubt Jesus wept the second he heard this band, it is just a question of whether they had the foresight to see the tears or just watched the crucifix weep in disappointment at rehearsals. (Strike First)