Is Jessie Ware's "Champagne Kisses" Video Plagiarized?

Is Jessie Ware's 'Champagne Kisses' Video Plagiarized?
As evidenced in the premiere of Jessie Ware's new video for Tough Love single "Champagne Kisses," the Christopher Sweeney-directed visuals feature a number of stunning shots. One such scene found Ware splayed out on the floor as an amputee with wooden legs. New York-based photographer Asger Carlsen visualized that kind of thing before, though, in his 2010 photo series, Wrong.

The artist went onto Instagram earlier today (February 12) to compare a still from Sweeney's full colour clip with an older black and white shot from Wrong. As you can see down below, there are a few differences in the angles, and Carlsen's model is topless, but both subjects have a particularly boxy lower framework.

So far, Carlsen has just pointed out the likenesses between the pieces, while his Instagram followers have been crying foul against Sweeney's video.

Sweeney, who had previously prepped Lily Allen's controversy-stirring video for "Hard Out Here," has not made a comment on the similarities.

Carlsen's Wrong was collected by Morel Books in 2010 but has since gone out of print. The publishers described the series as showcasing "haunting and disturbing images" that reflected the "twisted world in daily happenings." Other images include more wooden-legged figures, an alligator/human baby hybrid, multi-eyed mutants and more.