Jessie Ware "Say You Love Me" (Live on 'Corden')

Jessie Ware 'Say You Love Me' (Live on 'Corden')
If the applause was any indication, Jessie Ware had late night audiences fawning over her when she hit the stage of The Late Late Show with James Corden to perform a sensuous version of Tough Love's "Say You Love Me." You can show her some more love by giving the television appearance a view online.

The performance is suitably subtle, with a full band easing back on the volume as the UK vocalist unfurls a series of romantic coos. Though the singer cranks up the energy with some late-song cries, and the drummer works away from a lean, synthetic snare clack to a brief, full kit hammering, it's ultimately a successful exercise in restraint.

You can see Ware and the rest of her band deliver the slow-jammin' goods down below.