Jessie Ware "12"

Jessie Ware '12'
Later this month, Jessie Ware will deliver her promising Tough Love LP. Ahead of its release, she's shared a demo of a song that didn't make the LP.

Called "12," the song sounds like neither a demo nor an outtake. Instead, it's an incredibly smooth R&B pop song complete with lush production and contributions from Rhye's Robin Hannibal.

Ware offered the following statement about the song:

I made 12 with Robin Hannibal last year at Red Bull Studios London. Loved him since hearing Quadron's Average Fruit and although this track never made it onto 'Tough Love', it was a joy to work with Robin finally. This is a song for my Sam and I hope you like it, play it late and go kiss someone x

Listen to "12" below. Tough Loves drops on October 21 via PMR/Island.

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