Jerry Garcia Biopic in the Works

Jerry Garcia Biopic in the Works
For better or worse, Grateful Dead front-man Jerry Garcia is set to get the biopic treatment. The production team behind Election and Little Miss Sunshine are reportedly putting together a big-screen adaptation of Garcia’s early years before he got truckin’ with the Grateful Dead and evolved into a counterculture icon.

The yet-untitled project will be based on Robert Greenfield's book, Dark Star, and delve into Garcia’s time in the military, a life-altering car accident and his first encounters with San Francisco’s then increasingly freaky music scene and future Dead bassist Phil Lesh, Billboard reports. Dark Star is described as an oral history of Garcia, and features interviews by Garcia’s band-mates, road buddies, relatives and artist friends like Ken Kesey.

The Dead have previously been the subject of several documentaries, such as 1977’s The Grateful Dead Movie, but this will mark the first time a Dead flick will get a theatrical release.

There is no word on whether Deadheads plan to travel from premier to premier to see film.

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