Jens Lekman "An Argument with Myself"

Jens Lekman 'An Argument with Myself'
As recently reported, transported Swede Jens Lekman is finally returning with a new EP, titled An Argument With Myself. Up until now, we haven't got a proper taste of what's in store, but that's now changed.

Lekman has shared the EP's title track "An Argument with Myself," which you can download here. Lekman's new tune sounds predictably sun-soaked: his style is pronounced as ever with a moon-walk bass line, tropical percussion and playful vocal change-ups. Throughout it all, Lekman goes between his own croon to speak-singing while "arguing with himself" about cigarettes.

Lekman's An Argument With Myself is due out September 20 via Secretly Canadian.