Jenny Omnichord All Our Little Bones

Nobody puts Jenny Omnichord in a corner, least of all herself or her moniker, which she transcends on All Our Little Bones by employing a band to push her into a new realm. Observational and self-absorbed as a songwriter, Jenny has fitfully been documenting her experiences as a new, young mother in her latest work. While 2008's Charlotte or Otis: Duets for Children, Their Parents, and Other People Too dealt with her fears and confusion about impending motherhood, a number of Bones songs cover the reality of taking care of a young son in Jenny Omnichord's topsy-turvy world. Hell, even the vinyl packaging is a three-panel gatefold that doubles as a cross-Canada map/board game that's fit for toddlers wondering where their parents' tour has taken them. Backed by some Barmitzvah Brothers, Two-Minute Miracles and J.J. Ipsen, among others, Jenny Omnichord's at her most dynamic on All Our Little Bones, a playfully heartfelt confrontation of adulthood. (Label Fantastic)