Jenny Berkel "All That You Do" (ft. Daniel Romano & the Trillums) (live video)

Jenny Berkel 'All That You Do' (ft. Daniel Romano & the Trillums) (live video)
Montreal-based folk femme Jenny Berkel embarked on a European jaunt with her frequent tourmate Daniel Romano and his band the Trilliums last fall, and now a particularly memorable night of the trip has been documented in a new performance video. The black-and-white footage was taken at the pair's gig at the legendary Paradiso in Amsterdam, and Exclaim! has got your first look at it.
Unbeknownst to the performers, the show sold out the floor to 800 audience members —an impressive feat for the first-time visitors. In addition to Berkel and Romano's performance of "All That You Do," the video captures the duo's awe and appreciation for the crowd's extraordinary showing.
"It was an honour to join Daniel's band for his tour in Europe," Berkel said in a statement to Exclaim! about the new video. "While I had heard some whisperings of his success there, particularly in the Netherlands, it was quite a shock to walk into the legendary Paradiso and find out that so many tickets had been sold! Playing on a stage with such a rich history was quite thrilling, especially with hundreds of people in the audience. As somebody who comes from a very Dutch background, there couldn't have been a more "gezellig" (a Dutch adjective to describe a cozy feeling or sense of belonging) way to kick-start what ended up being a truly great two month long tour across Europe."

Ian Romano, the brother, producer and bandmate to Daniel who kept the attendance numbers a secret from his fellow performers, added: "Well, this is certainly proof that you need to put in the time to find your audience. Hell, they might have been there for years and you wouldn't have even known that anyone cared about what you did. The expression on Dan and Jenny's faces was priceless walking into Paradiso. I'm happy no one blew it!"
Berkel is slated to release her latest, Daniel Romano-produced album Pale Moon Kid later this year, while Romano himself has a couple records in the works. For now, though, watch the rootsy Canadian duo win over the Dutch audience with their performance of "All That You Do" below.