Jeff Mangum-Curated ATP Festival Postponed

Jeff Mangum-Curated ATP Festival Postponed
This has been a year of plenty for Jeff Mangum fans, as the Neutral Milk Hotel star returned in 2011 after a decade and a half of near silence. Unfortunately, it will end on a sour note, as All Tomorrow's Parties has just delayed its Mangum-curated instalment by a whopping three months.

Taking place in Minehad, England, the festival was announced back in February. It was originally scheduled for December 2 to 4, but it has now been delayed until March 9 to 11.

In a statement, festival organizers explained that the postponement is "due to a set of extremely unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances."

In a subsequent post, organizers added, "It should be noted that the decision to postpone the ATP curated by Jeff Mangum festival as made earlier today was not Jeff Mangum's and he is as disappointed as everyone else that the festival is not taking place on the original date."

The festival was slated to feature performances by Panda Bear, Fleet Foxes, Joanna Newsom and, of course, Mangum himself. The lineup page of the festival website is now blank (except for Mangum). The lineup is bound to be slightly different due to potential scheduling conflicts, so look for the new bands to be announced on November 10.

Get more information about tickets and refunds here, and console yourself by watching the video from Mangum's performance at Occupy Wall Street below.

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