Jeezy Taps Jay Z, T.I., YG, Future for 'Seen It All' LP

Jeezy Taps Jay Z, T.I., YG, Future for 'Seen It All' LP
Less young and more adult, the artist formerly known as Young Jeezy is set to release a new album early next month. Now, he's shared details for the release.

Called Seen It All: The Autobiography, the album contains 15 new tracks from Jeezy. There's also a deluxe version with two extra songs.

Jeezy has called in plenty of friends for guest features, and the final tracklisting features spots from T.I., YG, Jay Z, Rick Ross, the Game, Lil Boosie, Future, Kelly Rowland and Akon (unsurprisingly, there's no Freddie Gibbs). The album's title track, which features Jay Z, can be streamed below.

Speaking on the album, Jeezy told MTV, "This is gonna be your bible, this is gonna be your manual," adding, "I'm not gonna tell you that everything gonna be okay, that everything's gonna be alright, but the moral to the story is never quit, never let up. A win is a win. That's what this album is about."

Peep the full tracklisting for Seen It All below. The album will arrive on September 2.

Seen It All: The Autobiography:

1. Block

2. What You Say

3. Black Eskimo

4. Enough

5. Holy Ghost

6. Me OK

7. 4 Zones

8. Addicted (feat. T.I. & YG)

9. Fuck the World

10. Seen It All (feat. Jay Z)

11. Win Is a Win

12. Beautiful (feat. Rick Ross & The Game)

13. Beez Like (feat. Lil Boosie)

14. No Tears (feat. Future)

15. Perfection

Deluxe Edition:

16. Shady Life (feat. Kelly Rowland)

17. Been Getting Money (feat. Akon)