Jeezy "Gold Bottles"

Jeezy 'Gold Bottles'
People praying for a new Jeezy record will be blessed with his Church In These Streets LP in a couple of months, but you can start celebrating with the Snowman a bit early via a stream of his newly revealed club-clapper, "Gold Bottles." You can take a taste of the tune right now.

A lean beat backs the veteran rapper's latest series of boasts, which have him going in on anyone that thought he was over the hill. Here, he's marking his territory via braggy bars and an overly sudsy bottle of bubbly. Of note, he's spraying the stuff around like it's a 2L of dollar store soda, as a baller would.

You can stream "Gold Bottles" below, while Church In These Streets hits the faithful November 13 via Def Jam.