Jeezy "Black Eskimo" (video)

Jeezy 'Black Eskimo' (video)
We've been calling Jeezy the "Snowman," for years now, but the rapper is making a bid for a nickname swap by repping himself as the "Black Eskimo" in his latest Seen It All single.

Rather than shoot the video on an icy tundra, the clip captures a winter jacket-wearing Jeezy working his flow on a soundstage. There, he notes how he's been making big bills and icing up his wrist via Jacob the jeweler for years, while likewise tossing off lines about never been a snitch. Later, he's joined by a masked crew of women apparently big on taking selfies by the stove, and has his throne flanked by a pair of regal huskies.

Whether or not you object to the new nickname, you'll find the visuals for Jeezy's arctic banger down below.