Jazz Experimenter Karin Krog Chronicled with Light in the Attic Comp

Jazz Experimenter Karin Krog Chronicled with Light in the Attic Comp
Norwegian septuagenarian Karin Krog is well-known in Scandinavia, but poor overseas distribution has meant that the veteran jazz experimenter never properly broke through in the UK or North America. Light in the Attic is now seeking to remedy this by bringing together four decades' worth of her best tracks for a compilation.

The collection is called Don't Just Sing | An Anthology: 1963-1999. It will be out on June 30, and Krog herself helped to curate it. The comp features unreleased material, along with some of the musician's most celebrated work.

A press release notes that these 16 tracks include "spoken experiments, along with free jazz, improvisation, standards, contemporary covers, and electronic manipulation." There's a cover of Joni Mitchell's "All I Want," a version of Bobby Gentry's "Ode to Billy Joe," and a reading of a Gertrud Stein poem ("As a Wife Has a Cow"). The Gentry cover is streaming at the bottom of this page.

The music has been remastered and comes across two vinyl records housed in a gatefold jacket. Light in the Attic vinyl subscribers will get it on "kaleidoscope"-coloured wax, while the first 200 online pre-orders will get it on "Norwegian sunset"-coloured wax. It's also available on a single CD. The liner notes include rare photos and an interview with Krog.

The album can be ordered here.

Don't Just Sing | An Anthology: 1963-1999:

1. As a Wife Has a Cow
2. Lazy Afternoon
3. We Could Be Flying
4. Raindrops, Raindrops
5. Blues Eyes
6. Ode to Billy Joe
7. Images in Glass
8. Tystnaden
9. Maiden Voyage
10. Just Holding On
11. Don't Just Sing
12. Glissando
13. Break of Day in Molde
14. All I Want
15. Cloud Line Blue
16. A Love Supreme